The Best Interior Design Themes For This Winter

Trendy designs require creativity and variations across the seasons. This winter, interior design themes vary; some are timeless styles and others are relatively newer themes that are occurring.

Shades, shades and more shades from different seasons: Even though warmer hues such as oranges and browns are predominantly displayed in the colder seasons, a few shades of spring and summer can be incorporated. Shades of green, zesty yellow-green shades and emerald green teal shades have now taken centre stage in the winter interior design themes.

Painted wall features: Trending colours or your favourite painted colours could be painted on a single wall for a statement and to liven up the hues of the room. Other accessories such as cushions, lampshades and candles could be displayed at that wall for a central and matched theme.

Mix up the styles, but keep it minimal: Avoid “over-compensating” the rooms in your home with a lot of statement pieces. The key to ensuring that your home is winter ready is to keep it warm, yet fresh with space still being maintained in your home.

Incorporate greenery: House plants are here this winter. It neutralises the environment and space

Lastly, embrace colours, texture and styles that feel comfortable for your individual style.


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